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Beauty from within - 
reflected on the outside

True beauty is the beauty from within. True beauty can be fully seen only when you are content with who you really are, inside and outside.
When you accept your qualities, imperfections and all, and when you are able to wake up in the morning and say to yourself:” I feel perfect today!” Because when you feel perfect, when you are happy on the inside, you see yourself the same way on the outside. You are more serene, you smile more, you are simply radiating and at the end of the day, this is what matters the most for you to feel happy and truly beautiful.

We at Team Wellness Spain want to help you on this road. We have the products that can help you feel beautiful on the outside and feel more confident, happy and radiant on the inside.

Testimonials - Women

"I have just tried your product for the first time and and it was wonderful...
PS: The best sex I've had in at least 1 year!"
 TK, Sydney, Australia

"This is truly amazing! After using this product I felt like I was 20 years old again sexually!"
NL - age 50, Clearwater, FL

Using these product has put that smile back on my husband’s face. When somebody asks “does it work?”, my husband will smile and say, "Oh, yeah, does it ever!"
LR - age 48, Ontario, Canada

"I have been very satisfied your product. I was surprised at how well it worked the first time I used it. My husband and I are both retirement age and I feel it has enhanced our most private hours and we both thank you."
NH, San Diego, CA

"These product changed my life, I'm orgasmic again! Thank you...."

FK - age 53, Lenox, MA

"I would just like to say - THANK YOU!- for introducing me to these products.
This product is definitely heaven sent. I am in my late 30's and I have never been able to be sexually fulfilled until I used them."

TB, Victoria, Australia

"All women should have these products on their night stand."
TS age - 40, Westchester, NY

My first experience with these products reminded me of being 25 again and madly in love with my husband.
And, I was surprised that I actually began to feel the sensations within less than a minute.
The products really enhances the pleasure of making love.

DM age - 61, Los Angeles, CA

"My husband has to peel me off of him when I use these products"
JD age - 36, NY, NY

This is a very effective product. I was able to achieve orgasm more easily again."
DK age - 48, Portland, OR

I'll admit I was somewhat skeptical and a little nervous, but the minute that package arrived I eagerly gave it a try. I was so pleasantly surprised! It certainly spiced things up for us. After being married for ten years with two children, whenever you can throw in a little something special it just makes for magical evenings! In my opinion anyone who hears of these products is going to want to try it or certainly share it with their partner.
The more you use it, the more powerful the sensation.

KG age - 54, Cherry Hill, NJ

Testimonials - Men

“I was quite skeptical that this cream could do the things claimed on this website.
But, I purchased one bottle just to try. All I have to say is damn. My life has totally changed for the better. Not only has my penis gotten bigger but I have more confidence and energy than I’ve ever had. My sex life is so much better. Thank you so much for sharing this magnificent product with the rest of the world!”
Steve, age 55, New York, NY

“I’ve been using your product for 4 mounts now, and I can guarantee that the effect’s are impressive. I am longer by 1.1 inch now, it’s crazy how fast it works!”         

Brian, age 34, Dallas, TX


“Not only have my penis grown larger, (don’t know how much, but I feel that my sexdrive is back. My wife since 35 years (also using your products) is always smiling now. We used to hav sex maybe every 3 to months, but now, we are having sex 2-3 times a month. It’s like we are teenagers again. Thank you."

Eivert, age 65, Haag, NL

“I have to admit that I was very skeptical when my buddy told me about this product. I actually felt embarrassed just talk about them, since my ”mr big”, hasn’t really worked in 10 years.
For some reason, we both bought the product online (thank God) and, well, I am the first crawl to the cross. I was wrong. It took maybe a week, then I felt something change inside me, or I think so, anyway, me and my wife started to make live again. I’ve been using Viagra until now, but that is so expensive, this is cheaper, less hassle and just as good. Thank you for giving me, and my wife our love life back." 
Dan, age unknown New Haven, NY

“Brilliant!, wish I’d found it earlier!  This stuff really works, and my penis feels larger inside, I defiantly can feel more now. Or maybe it’s all in my head. Honestly, I don’t care. Thanks again."

Andrew, age 51, Nottingham, UK

”I am 66 years old and for the past 15 years I’ve struggled with erectile problems and an unwillingness to have sex, I just don’t want it anymore. Unfortunately, I was married to a 12 year younger woman and efter a few years of dysfunctional sex life she left me. For the past 10 years or so, I’ve been single, or rather without partner, in the beginning I was very happy with that, since it was a big embarrassment to not be able to have sex.
However, last year I met a woman and fell in love, but we didn’t have sex for a good 6 months. A friend of mine told me about this product and that you should use it regularly for a few months for full effect. I did, 3 months I think, and then it was time, Me and my lady rented a house up by Buffalo for the weekend and after dinner we ended up in the sofa, and my God, I felt my penis grow rock hard, I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed or rip her clothes off and do it fast, since I didn’t know how long it would last. I did the second, she was pleasantly surprised, after 6 months of nothing. Today, we are married and our sex-life is amazing. I can’t believe I would get my life back at 66. Thank you, Gerorge".

George, age 66, Scranton, NY 


About us

Team Wellness and Beauty, is a company that helps people feel better.
In order for you to feel pretty and confident in the person you are today, you sometimes need help along the way. We hope that we in some way can help you feel better about yourself.

Our products can't be found anywhere else in the Costa del Sol area in Spain and only in a handful of stores in Spain.

We are always looking to expand and looking for new members of our team and partners to sell our unique products.

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